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Integrate Systems To Streamline Your Entire Workflow

Fast track the integration of digital asset management with other business systems by leveraging Portfolio’s RESTful and SOAP APIs.

With Portfolio plugged into your workflow, assets can be easily organized into logical hierarchies, instantly located using our Elasticsearch technology, and quickly generated for use by other systems with the advanced image + video + document processing engine.

Portfolio API

Portfolio’s API enable your development team to quickly create custom integrations between Portfolio and your other business systems. Share information between systems to eliminate unnecessary duplication of work and effort.

Single Sign-On

Portfolio can integrate with your LDAP server, eliminating the need for users to log in separately. This creates fewer usernames and passwords for the user to remember, IT to manage, and reduce headaches for password assistance.

Scalable Capacity

If your environment organizes and catalogs large volumes of assets, Portfolio has you covered. Portfolio can scale to handle millions of files without sacrificing speed.

Modular Solution

Portfolio is modular and can flex to meet the needs of your organization. As new capabilities are required, add-ons can be installed or custom functionality can be built as needed.

Integration & Consulting Services

Need help getting started with Portfolio? Our professional services experts can provide a turnkey solution that includes software installation/configuration, workflow planning, IT/admin and training.

All consulting engagements are customized to meet your unique needs. We work with you to define the content, timing, scheduling and specific needs of your integration project.

Learn more about our Integration and Consulting Services »

Developer Resources

API Code Reference

Ready to get started? View the Portfolio API documentation to understand the methods and data types supported as well as review C++, PHP, and Java code samples.

API Developer Community

Get help with your application directly from Extensis engineers and other Portfolio API developers in our online forum. Developers help users review code, provide advice, offer examples, and address frequently asked questions.

Visit the forum and register for a free account and full access to the Portfolio Developer Community.

Collection Management System (CMS) Integration

Portfolio easily integrates with Collection Management Systems. We’ve worked with leading vendors to create connectors that allow you to marry the power of Portfolio with the rich data of your Collections Management System. Adlib and Museum Plus are currently supported, with additional vendor support arriving soon.

Portfolio comes preloaded with catalogs and support for VRA Core and Spectrum metadata standards.

Visit the Heritage and Culture page for more details »

See Portfolio in Action

Learn from an expert how Portfolio can help you get the most out of your digital assets.