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Activate and use your fonts on iPad and iPhone with Suitcase Fusion.

The Suitcase Fusion bundle now includes an app that activates your font collection on iOS.


iOS app included FREE with your purchase of Suitcase Fusion.



Mobile Design Tools

Don’t limit yourself while working on a mobile device.

Whether you’re building project mockups with Adobe Comp CC, or using the hottest new mobile design app, Suitcase Fusion has you covered.

Extend creativity to your mobile device with Suitcase Fusion.


Write Your Way

Snap on your bluetooth keyboard and your mobile word processor is good to go.

Give your documents the spit and polish of your curated font collection.

Never compromise typographically with Suitcase Fusion.


Better Mobile Presentations

Fonts used in your meticulously crafted Keynote or PowerPoint presentations on your Mac or PC look the same on iOS.


System Requirements

  • iOS 9.3 or later
  • Network connection
  • Purchase of Suitcase Fusion 7 for OS X or PC
  • Installed via the Apple iTunes Store

*Note: Suitcase Fusion is able to activate fonts that are compatible with iOS. This includes OpenType-TT fonts and TrueType fonts that don’t contain resource fork data (most newer TrueType fonts).