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Automate Font Preflighting

FontLink is a module for Universal Type Server that delivers fonts for documents in automated publishing workflows that use Adobe® InDesign Server®.

Having the correct fonts during the production process is critical for any InDesign Server workflow. Missing or incorrect fonts can quickly derail any automated processes and pull resources away from critical tasks.

FontLink solves the font management problem by easily integrating into any automated, multi-channel publishing workflow, no matter how complex.

By automating font retrieval with FontLink, your team can:

  • Connect your publishing automation system to the same fonts that your creative team is using
  • Reduce mundane repetitive processing tasks
  • Reallocate creative resources to more business-critical tasks
  • Integrate precise font delivery into even the most complex workflows
  • Rely upon Font Sense technology to identify & match the precise version of a font required
  • Receive instantaneous email alerts of font-related errors and completed jobs

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How FontLink Fits Into Automated Workflows

FontLink examines and gathers fonts for InDesign documents before they are handed off to InDesign Server, removing manual document processing tasks for output


Coming Soon: Integration With Typefi

Typefi is a single-source publishing platform that fully integrates print, online and mobile production in a seamless end-to-end automated workflow. We will be integrating Universal Type Server’s FontLink module with Typefi’s publishing platform to increase efficiencies for customers and eliminate font issues that can derail the automated process in publishing workflows.

NEW Tight Integration With vjoon K4

A publishing content management system such as vjoon’s K4 can streamline your publishing workflow. Backed by InDesign Server, K4 gives your users quick and easy access to document layouts.

Your font collection can now be linked directly to your work in K4 with FontLink.

Our engineering team partnered with vjoon to integrate the font delivery power of FontLink into the most important areas of vjoon’s K4 workflow.

With FontLink, when you’re designing, previewing or outputting your documents, you can ensure that the correct fonts are always in use.

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Do Your Designers Read Font licenses?

Do Your Designers Read Font Licenses?

Based on global survey, this report illustrates how font trading and misuse can lead to legal turmoil.

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Font Sense Finds the Right Font, Every Time

Use the right font automatically, every time with Font Sense® powered font auto-activation plug-ins.

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Learn Best Practices to Avoid Font Problems

Get your font collection in order by learning best practices for integrating a font server into your workflow.

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